Dream A Little Dream



Nearly three years ago I had a dream so vivid it felt prophetic. In my dream, I was deeply in love with a man, and he with me. I had apparently known him for a long time, but we had only recently reconnected and entered into a romantic relationship. He was very familiar to me, but in the dream I could not see his face; I could just feel his loving presence and my deep love for him. Everywhere we went, our mutual friends would say, “I always knew you belonged together,” and we were mystified that no one had previously suggested we should be a pair. We laughed about being so oblivious, because it was so obvious we belonged together.

When I woke from the dream I literally felt like I was in love. I felt connected to something I had not experienced in a very long time, and it was wonderful. I felt inspired and had a huge burst of creativity. For a while I considered the possibility that the dream was prophetic (it felt so real). I made a mental list of men I had known through the years and tried to remember if there were any clues in the dream that I might have overlooked or forgotten. No one came to mind, but the love I felt in that dream stayed with me for several months.

The love dream came to me after many years of being intentionally single and quite happy. Although I was happy, the dream switched on a longing for love and intimacy and I decided I was ready to pursue a romantic relationship. I was fairly certain I wasn’t going to meet anyone in the workplace. Most of my local women friends are considerably younger than I, and I didn’t think it likely they would be introducing me to any potential romantic interests. I decided I would try online dating (again), but life had something else in store for me.

Shortly after making the decision to pursue love, I had a freak accident which resulted in a fractured left hip, requiring major surgery and months of recovery. When I came home from the hospital, I required around-the-clock care which was lovingly provided by my friends and family. It was not the love I had dreamed about, but it was love to be cherished, just the same. At this point, healing my body was my primary focus.

The love dream was put on the back burner, but not forgotten.


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