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Three Years Later…


love is always the answer

More than three years have passed since I set up this blog, with the intention of writing on a regular basis, and clearly, that did not happen. I do not feel the need to dwell on why I did not follow through. I would much rather write about the topic that has dominated my thoughts for the past few months: LOVE.

Love in its many forms has been a powerful force in my life since the beginning of this past summer. Love is always present in my life; but not with the clarity and intensity that I have recently been experiencing. Do you know when something is happening to you that is different from your normal day-to-day events? Have you had those connect-the-dots experiences, when suddenly you see things so clearly, and you feel liberated and inspired? I am going through this extraordinary process now and I intend to share some of my experiences here.

Stay tuned!